Arlie Pond

Interesting dude … surgeon, career, basically ended by service in the Spanish-American War, also served in WWI, was Orioles’ team doctor in 1897 at least. Also managed an all-black team in 1902. Served in the Phillipines in early 1900s, eventually retired there and made himself a millionaire. Died of peritonitis in Cebu in 1930, aged 58.


Chuck Smith

34 starts, 189 k in 210 innings and a 113 era+; the mayor of Woodmere, an upscale village in the Great Cleveland area, since 2009.

Tacks Neuer

Only pitcher to throw shutouts in his first and last major league games, he ruined his motion trying to learn how to throw knuckleballs and spitballs. Find the reference from his wiki page about the sportswriter who said he couldn’t hit the side of the grandstand.